Distance Wellness Counseling

For those clients who prefer an alternative to traditional onsite counseling, nutrition and wellness counseling is offered through the Internet using Nutrihand. To start this process, we would have an initial brief phone consult or email exchange to discuss your goals. Once your goals are established and I have gathered some personal information, the counseling process can begin.

As is the case with face-to-face clients, you are assigned a personal code in order to access your own HIPPA compliant computer software platform to document your food intake and physical activity. Once you have done some nutritional tracking of your diet, I will be able to assess your diet online and offer suggestions on how to improve your diet and lifestyle to help you reach your goals.

With the click of a mouse and an extensive food data base, you can track your calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake and receive feedback from me with regard to your progress and the nutritional quality of your diet.

This process allows for weekly feedback, guidance, and support- all from the comfort and privacy of your home or office computer.

Distance Wellness Counseling requires a one month commitment and cannot be prorated. Contact me today to learn more.