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My Diet Matters
My Diet Matters

"The food choices made today frame your health tomorrow." -Sue Rose

My goal as your dietitian is to optimize the impact of nutritional counseling on health. I care for the whole person, taking into account not just lifestyle and medical history, but also food preferences, goals, and unique requirements for a healthy future. I believe that the dietary choices we make today can shape our health tomorrow, and I strive to provide you with the resources to maximize well-being. Contact me today if you are ready to reshape your diet, health, and lifestyle.

~Sue Rose, MS, RD, LDN

Sue Rose is a Park Ridge, IL area nutrition expert and IL licensed dietitian.

My Credentials

  • Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign, in Human Nutrition and Hospital Dietetics
  • Master's degree from the University of Iowa in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Registered Dietitian and Illinois Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
My Diet Matters

Get Help from the Professional

I want to empower and motivate you to take care of your body and become the healthiest version of yourself. I specialize in nutrition and related subjects. My counseling focuses on the adult population (18+ years of age).

  • Wellness & health maintenance
  • Healthy eating & lifestyle improvement
  • Medical nutrition therapy for many chronic diseases
  • Weight management
  • Menopausal weight reduction
  • Diet planning

On many levels, you are in control of your own health. If you are ill, you can probably get or feel better. If you are well, you may have questions on how to stay that way. Sometimes the first steps for improving your life are the most difficult to take. Take a chance and contact me to find out how diet and lifestyle changes can improve the quality of your health and life.

I can tailor the sessions to meet your specific goals, and guide you to manage your lifestyle accordingly.