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oats healthy

Oats: The Good and Bad

Oats, including oatmeal, can dish up some serious health benefits. ...
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pediatric brain cancer research funds

All for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research: Chicago Marathon

Pediatric brain cancer research funds are the goal of one ...
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color of food

Color of Food: Hidden Secrets to Health?

The color of food you eat is a factor in ...
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keto diet healthy or harmful

Keto Diet: Healthy or Harmful? Depends Who You Ask!

We all know the keto diet is the rage, but ...
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foods for osteoporosis

Strong Bones: 5 Novel Foods for Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis: a silent stalker Osteoporosis is a public health problem ...
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vitamin D how to get enough

Enough Vitamin D: A Dietary Challenge

Why is it so important? A large percentage of people ...
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tips to decrease triglycerides

Tips To Decrease Your Triglycerides: 6 Easy Steps

Do you need tips to decrease your blood triglycerides? Triglycerides ...
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can dietitians write prescriptions

Can Dietitians Write Prescriptions? Sort Of!

When I started out in college, I began as a ...
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