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Testimonials - Individual Services

Henry B.
Solutions Director - Financial Services
With my hectic lifestyle, I ignored my diet and exercise regimen, resulting in my cholesterol at 204 and weight at 240 pounds. Sue helped me with developing a food and exercise plan that took into account my busy lifestyle, resulting in a loss of 25 pounds over 3 months and lowering my cholesterol to 152 - within a 3 month period. I certainly thank Sue for helping me to get back on the right path and ensuring I stay that way.

Thomas H.
Retired Owner, Sports Collectibles Shops
In the time I've spent working with Sue Rose, we've achieved remarkable results. I've lost weight without feeling hungry or food-deprived. Equally important, Sue attends to overall health needs and general nutritional issues. Sue has altered my eating habits in a very beneficial manner. I have more energy and feel that I am on the path to achieving and maintaining a far healthier lifestyle than I've ever had. I should have done this ten years ago.

Tim K.
Business Owner

Just a quick note letting you know I've made very good progress since implementing your food management program approximately 6 months ago.

I've lost 47 pounds, dropped my total cholesterol from 258 to 132, my triglycerides from 210 to 79 and my glycohemoglobin level from 11 to 5.9. The rest of my blood lipid panel is all now within normal range!

I'm very grateful that my doctor recommended your services to me and that I have great reinforcement and encouragement at home. My only regret is that I'm 30 years late in getting with your program. My coronary stent might never have been

Betty R.
The call to Sue Rose was the hardest, yet smartest appointment I ever made. She taught me a new way to eat and exercise. I lost weight and it was painless. I look and feel better. It has been fifteen years and I still keep in contact just to keep on track.

Testimonials - Corporate Presentations & Programs

Gary G.
Biggest Loser Challenge participant at Taylor Precision Products, Oakbrook, IL

It has been over a year now since I met you and started eating "healthy" during the Biggest Loser Challenge in Taylor's office in Oakbrook. I was on the winning team and lost just over 40 pounds in the 3 month company weight loss challenge. I continued to exercise and eat low fat and by August I l lost a total of 70 pounds.

My doctor has decreased my meds for Type 2 diabetes to 1/8th of what I took a year ago. He cut my blood pressure meds by 75% and eliminated the cholesterol meds altogether. I had another quarterly check-up two weeks ago and he said all my readings are normal enough that after my next visit, I might be off all meds.

I thought you should know how much you influenced our lives.

  • "Sue knows a lot and presents it well."
  • "Sue is knowledgeable, pleasant, and enthusiastic."
  • "Questions are answered expertly and enthusiastically."
  • "I thought I knew a lot, but I learned a lot of new facts about good nutrition."
  • "Sue is an excellent and professional presenter."
  • "Sue is both articulate and knowledgeable."
  • "Sue's presentations contain neat computer graphics!"
  • "She has a very effective slide format!"
  • "I loved how organized the program was - everything was so easy to understand even though the material was somewhat complicated."