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My Diet Matters
My Diet Matters

Nutrition Services for Individuals

My counseling has moved out of the office to online services. Online individual services are conducted either by phone or a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform. Consultations may focus on wellness, disease prevention, or disease correction. Many individuals have multiple medical conditions that need dietary intervention, and as a licensed dietitian/nutritionist I am qualified to prescribe medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for these circumstances. The appropriate individualized diet therapy may:

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for prescription drugs
  • Help reduce and control disease complications
  • Improve overall quality of life and health status

Scheduling An Appointment

To start the scheduling process, please use the contact form, email, or call (847) 692-3438. When contacting me, please provide me with an idea of services needed (such as weight loss, blood pressure, diabetes education, wellness). And, please let me know your nutritional goals. After you have reached out to me, I will be in touch.

Please submit the New Client Form & the Food Frequency Questionnaire, located below, prior to your appointment.

My Diet Matters


I accept checks, Zelle, health care spending accounts, and Visa/Mastercard/Discover credit cards. All appointments are to be paid at the time the appointment is scheduled. In the event you set up an appointment and then cancel with 24 hours notification, you will be issued a full refund.

All credit card transactions will be assessed a 3.5% service fee.

A few words on health care insurance: You will need to check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for my services, as it varies depending on your individual policy. A receipt for services is always available should you wish to attempt reimbursement to yourself by filing a claim with your private insurance carrier in the event my services are covered. Services may also be potentially covered by medical flexible spending accounts.

Options for Individual Counseling

1) New Client Jump Start 1 Hour Session-$160.00

We will start addressing your particular nutritional concerns. I will have reviewed your submitted paperwork at the time of this appointment, and the process of redesigning your diet and health will begin. This counseling option is suitable for counseling related to weight, educating yourself on appropriate foods for certain medical conditions, or just getting your pressing nutritional concerns addressed. Although a weekly weight loss package is available (noted below), the “New Client Jump Start 1 Hour Session” can be the starting point for any interval of follow-up appointments for weight loss.

Individual follow-up appointments-$75.00 (30 minutes)

Package of 6 follow-up appointments-$350.00 (30 minutes)

2) 6 Week Weight Loss Package for Healthy Individuals-$400.00

If you do not have any medical problems and just want professional guidance on weight loss, then this counseling is for you. You will indicate your favorite/least favorite foods and your meal plans will be designed accordingly. These 6 week online sessions may include:

  • Initial phone appointment to clarify your goals and gather relevant information to formulate a personalized plan
  • Meal plans/menus/recipes suitable for your goals
  • Grocery lists
  • Supplement recommendations if appropriate
  • Weekly check-in for up to 30 minutes

3) 6 Week Weight Loss for Individuals with Medical Problems-$700.00

These 6 week online weight loss packages provide the following:

  • An intake consult appointment. At this point I am assessing issues that may include your energy requirements, physical activity, barriers to weight loss, and lifestyle. This appointment session will require up to 60 minutes.
  • Then, I will be providing personalized support. This may include recommendations for supplements, physical activity, and food plans with recipes.
  • Meal plans/menus/recipes suitable for your goals
  • Private coaching via phone/telemedicine would be weekly for 30 minute time slots. I am also available to respond to text messages during your 6 week program.

4) Food Sensitivity Testing Evaluation Process-$120.00

To best advise you on this process, you will schedule a 45 minute appointment. For some individuals, food sensitivity testing can be greatly beneficial. Others may benefit from alternate dietary intervention. Should it be deemed to be of benefit, there are many options for testing which will be discussed. Options include: how many foods, additives, and environmental chemicals.

If deemed to be appropriate, here are the next steps:

  • I order a test kit that is delivered directly to your home.
  • You will need to go to an independent lab to have your blood drawn. They will ship the kit and your blood samples to the testing lab. There is a separate charge you will pay the lab for the blood draw.
  • After your blood is tested, I will be able to send you the results in a PDF file and hard copy.
  • Upon receipt of your test results, we will set up 3 additional hours of counseling. This counseling time includes how to adjust to the food sensitivities, fill in nutritional gaps, and includes suggestions for gut support. It is suggested that these appointments be spread across a 3 month time period. Text support is available between these appointments.
  • Pricing varies for this service based up the extent of the testing. Price ranges from $875.00 to $1080.00. If you move forward to complete the testing, the $120.00 initial consult charge will be deducted.
My Diet Matters

Corporate Services

Marketing Products

If your product is nutrition worthy, I can help you market it. With decades of experience in the field of nutrition, I know what the public considers healthy and what they are willing to purchase. If you have a food product worthy of the American plate, please contact me for your marketing needs.

Corporate Newsletter and Wellness Articles

Rates vary depending on the project and technical content of the article. Please contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss your company requirements for newsletters or wellness articles. Browse the links below for examples of my published articles:

Past Corporate Clients

  • Inspera Health
  • Geodis Wilson USA, Inc
  • Taylor Precision Products/Salter Housewares, HoMedics Companies
  • Wisconsin Industrial Nursing Service, Inc., Altoona, WI
  • City of Des Plaines, Des Plaines, IL
  • Subway Corporation
  • Healthgate Data Corporation, Burlington, Massachusetts
  • Weight Watchers International, Inc.
  • Central States Joint Board, Chicago, IL
  • Cancer Wellness Center, Northbrook, IL
  • Medical Oncology Private Practice, Chicago, IL
  • Clearbrook Center, Rolling Meadows, IL