A Word About Nutrihand

Nutrihand is a free optional service for my follow-up nutrition clients. Once you have met with me for the initial consultation and you have your personally tailored food plan, I set up an account for you.

You are then able to:

  • Track your meals, exercise, and medical information in one HIPPA compliant location.
  • Access a large database of foods, including ethnic foods and fast foods.
  • Take your favorite recipe and analyze it with Nutrihand. After putting your recipe into the Nutrihand software, you know the calories, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content per serving. Save the recipe analysis within your Nutrihand account, and then reuse the information the next time you make that recipe!
  • Grocery shopping lists are automatically made available to you based on your documented food intake. Organization is a key component to achieving a healthy diet and lifestyle, and this is a tool to help get that grocery shopping tackled in an efficient way!

As your dietitian:

  • I can monitor your food records between nutrition appointments. As accountability is a key factor in making dietary and lifestyle changes take shape, this becomes an important tool for my clients.
  • With the aid of the software, I am able to set nutritional goals for you to focus on each time you log on to Nutrihand to do your food documentation.
  • I am also able to take your computerized food journal and run reports that will be specific to your general nutritional needs as well as medical nutrition therapy goals.

Clients may be physician-referred for self-referred for nutritional counseling or medical nutrition therapy. If you are my client, I consider myself a member of your health care team. I make it a policy to provide communication to your primary care physician or referring physician, because this communication increases the likelihood that your health care process and outcome will be improved!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.