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healthy human dog snacks

Healthy Human Dog Snacks to Make Your Pooch Happy

Although I'm considered a human nutrition expert, I am not ...
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restaurant dining and health

Restaurant Dining: A Cost to Your Health and Wallet

My spouse and I are health conscious because I am ...
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ice cream calories

Ice Cream Calories: 6 Tips to Lighten Up

Ice cream is a special summer treat. For many, summer ...
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drinking water and flouride

Drinking Water and Fluoride: Healthy for All?

For most of my life I never really thought much ...
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probiotic supplements purchasing

Probiotic Supplements: 5 Purchasing Tips

Do you understand how to purchase probiotic supplements? Or, are ...
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fish oil for dogs

Fish Oil for Dogs: Good For Furry Friends Too!

As a practicing dietitian/nutritionist, I recommend fish oil to my ...
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should you take supplements

Should You Take Supplements: Facts to Consider

News coverage over the last few days seems to be ...
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clean up your dirty eating

Clean Up Your Dirty Eating in 7 Steps

We are all busy! My new clients all seem to ...
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b12 for weight loss

B12 for Weight Loss: Is this Bunk/Junk Science?

Last evening the topic in my college nutrition class was vitamins. ...
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nutrition realist or purist

Are You a Nutrition “Purist” or “Realist”?

It seems as though these days everyone has an opinion ...
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