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mindset tips for exercise

Mindset Tips for Getting Your Exercise on Track

The holiday season is over! While it was fun, you ...
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healthy human dog snacks

Healthy Human Dog Snacks to Make Your Pooch Happy

Although I'm considered a human nutrition expert, I am not ...
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COVID-19 Lifestyle: Steps Taken Today Affect Tomorrow

We are over 5 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. As ...
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magnesium for health

Magnesium for Health: Are You Getting Enough?

Magnesium has widespread implications for our health. It can relieve ...
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winter weight

Weight in Winter: 5 Tips to Halt a Gain

Do you worry about weight gain in winter? As frigid ...
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How to Lose Weight By Thinking Differently!

Did you ever stop to consider that your thinking process ...
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eating for beauty

Eating for Beauty: Pick These Foods!

Written by Tess O’Brien and Edited by Sue Rose, MS, ...
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restaurant dining and health

Restaurant Dining: A Cost to Your Health and Wallet

My spouse and I are health conscious because I am ...
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foods for working out

Foods for Working Out: How to Fuel Up Properly

In the wake of America’s growing waistline, fitness trends have ...
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eating out healthy

Defensive Dining: Eating Out Healthy

Do you wish you could make eating out a healthy ...
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