Nutrition on the Net-5 Sites to Start Searching

Type “nutrition for health” into your favorite search engine, and you may get literally millions of hits!  It’s no wonder it is difficult for consumers to navigate the Internet and find correct nutrition information.  With endless pages on an ever-growing World Wide Web, and bearing in mind that there are no editors on the Internet, it is very difficult for the average consumer to find accurate nutrition information.  Also, keep in mind that websites with the extensions such as org. or edu. are often good starting points for accurate information.  On the flip side, you may want to avoid commercial websites as sources of credible nutrition information because the purpose is often to promote a specific product!

Here are a 5 nutrition related websites you can use to start a search for timely nutrition information:

  • The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine-This is the “go to” site for information on supplements and alternative medicine. In particular, you can access some good information on herbs and botanicals, including safety and efficacy. Consumers really need to bear in mind that not all over the counter herbal supplements are either safe or effective.
  • The Nutrition Blog Network-If your preference is the blog approach to gathering your nutrition information, these blogs are written solely by registered dietitians (RD).  It is a vast amount of nutrition information with topics for all.
  • This website, UpToDate, was recently mentioned on a Chicago network morning talk show.  I thought I would check it out, and I approve.  It is a great website to become an informed patient, and depending on the diagnosis, there is also information on nutrition if applicable.
  • The American Institute for Cancer ResearchYou don’t need to have cancer to benefit from this wonderful website.  The site is full of healthy recipes and suggestions for reducing your risk of cancer through diet and healthy living.
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-Here the consumer can access a variety of suggestions on how to carry out a healthy eating lifestyle.  You can also find a dietitian in your zip code.

Additional links on various topics may also be found at: //

Keeping a keen eye on the websites you rely on for accurate information will help you become a better educated and savvy health and nutrition consumer.  Happy surfing.

Do you have a favorite nutrition website to share?