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mindset tips for exercise

Mindset Tips for Getting Your Exercise on Track

The holiday season is over! While it was fun, you ...
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5 Healthy and Easy Spices to Try Now!

Written by Gurleen Singh and edited by Sue Rose MS, ...
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healthy human dog snacks

Healthy Human Dog Snacks to Make Your Pooch Happy

Although I'm considered a human nutrition expert, I am not ...
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basil health benefits

Basil Health Benefits from a Little Leaf

What is basil anyway You know this herb! But do ...
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micro workouts for weight loss

Micro Workouts for Weight Loss: Is it Your Solution?

It's no secret that many people are overweight and unfit. ...
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how to eat better

How to Eat Better: 5 Practical Steps to Better Nutrition

If you existed through the pandemic by eating take out ...
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matcha tea

Matcha Tea: 5 Smart Reasons to Drink It

Matcha tea is rising in popularity in the United States, ...
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black food

Black Food: Pick These 7 to Make Your Diet Healthier

Ladies, who doesn't need that little black dress, right? It ...
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how to eat more vegetables

Eat More Vegetables: 10 Awesome and Easy Tips

I have spent the last 40 years telling clients to ...
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Menopause Weight Gain: 6 Smart Intervention Steps

What exactly is menopause? Simply put, menopause is a very ...
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Making Sense of Food Portions: Quick Visual Guide

A picture can be worth a 1000 words. This statement ...
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COVID-19 Lifestyle: Steps Taken Today Affect Tomorrow

We are over 5 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. As ...
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heartburn prevention

Heartburn Relief: Diet and Lifestyle Help

Recently a student in a college nutrition class I teach ...
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too much vitamin D getting the right amount

How Much Vitamin D? Tips to Get the Right Amount

As supplement sales go, vitamin D is one of the ...
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build a better diet in 3 easy steps

Build a Better Diet in 3 Easy Steps

In these crazy times, it can be very hard to ...
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trader joe's best bites

Trader Joe’s Best Bites for Entrees When Time is Tight!

It’s summer, and I cannot figure out why I am so busy! ...
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how to buy bread

How to Buy Bread: Shopping Tips for the Savvy Shopper

Ever wonder how to buy bread?  It’s just a simple ...
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Healthy Eating Strategies to “Beat the Clock”

Are you constantly feeling like you’re up against the clock ...
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grapes and dogs

Grapes and Dogs: Keep the Grapes Out of the Dog Bowl

Grapes are a healthy and easy snack for adults. And ...
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doctor refusing obese patients

Doctor Refusing Obese Patients: Weighing In

As I turned on the morning news the other day, ...
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healthy comfort foods

Healthy Comfort Foods: Pumpkin Pie & Minestrone Soup

Today, some major plans fell through, and I very unexpectedly have the ...
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Caffeine Kids: Is There Too Much in Your Kid’s Diet?

Reviewed by Sue Rose, MS, RD, LDN and updated December, ...
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Healthy Eating in 5 Simple Steps

Between “Dr. Google” and all the nutrition books available, it’s ...
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food staples for healthier eating

Food Staples for Healthier Eating: 6 Staples You Need Now

A “healthy” kitchen stocked with food staples is a pretty ...
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easy ways to fortify your diet

Easy Ways to Fortify Your Diet: Add Fruits and Veggies

I've had my nutrition practice for 29 years this month! ...
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sugar in cereal

Concerned About Sugar in Cereal? Pick These Cereals, Not Those

When you look at a Nutrition Fact Label, you can ...
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how to buy a healthy cereal

How to Buy Cereal to Make it Part of a Healthy Diet

Did you know cereal is a healthy nutrient dense carbohydrate? ...
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eating for beauty

Eating for Beauty: Pick These Foods!

Written by Tess O’Brien and Edited by Sue Rose, MS, ...
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clean up your dirty eating

Clean Up Your Dirty Eating in 7 Steps

We are all busy! My new clients all seem to ...
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flaxseed add to diet

Fabulous Flaxseed: Easily Add to Your Diet

It’s relatively easy to add flaxseed to your diet in ...
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summer salads

Summer Salads: Kale & Quinoa and Penne Pasta & Feta

Summer entree salads are perfect if you are tired of ...
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fast breakfast ideas

Fast Breakfast Ideas: Easy and Nutritious On the Fly

Grogginess in the morning? You know you should eat some ...
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nutrition realist or purist

What Dietitians Do: This Dietitian’s “Do’s and Don’ts”

Did you ever wonder what dietitians do for clients or ...
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nutrition realist or purist

Are You a Nutrition “Purist” or “Realist”?

It seems as though these days everyone has an opinion ...
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The Potential Hidden Danger in Your Cereal: Iron

We all know iron is something we need to stay ...
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cereals too much iron

Cereals With Too Much Iron? Pick These, Not Those!

Updated December, 2019 Do your regularly eat cereal? Did you ...
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lower your blood pressure naturally

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally: Eat This Nutrient!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), having high blood ...
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should you take supplements

Should You Take Supplements: Facts to Consider

News coverage over the last few days seems to be ...
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shrimp from thailand

Don’t Buy Shrimp From Thailand: Save the Fishing Cat

Not very long ago, I was in a major Chicago ...
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reasons to eat carbs

20 Reasons to Eat Carbs and Forgo the Beef!

Updated December, 2019 If you have a beef with carbs, ...
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tips to decrease triglycerides

Tips To Decrease Your Triglycerides: 6 Easy Steps

Do you need tips to decrease your blood triglycerides? Triglycerides ...
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probiotic supplements purchasing

Probiotic Supplements: 5 Purchasing Tips

Do you understand how to purchase probiotic supplements? Or, are ...
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50 calorie snacks

50 Calorie Snacks: Something for Everyone!

Do you like to snack? It seems most of us ...
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vacation weight gain

Vacation Weight Gain: Here’s How to Avoid It!

Guest post by Cole Millen, an avid traveler. Updated July, ...
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eating out healthy

Defensive Dining: Eating Out Healthy

Do you wish you could make eating out a healthy ...
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restaurant dining and health

Restaurant Dining: A Cost to Your Health and Wallet

My spouse and I are health conscious because I am ...
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mother's day reflections

Mother’s Day Reflections from a Dietitian Grandma

As I contemplate the upcoming weekend and Mother’s Day, I ...
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healthy July 4 menu

Cheers to a Healthy BBQ Menu this July 4

Holidays are times to gather and celebrate with family and ...
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chocolate ice cream roll cake

Ice Cream Roll Cake: A Versatile Holiday Recipe

I have been making this sponge chocolate ice cream roll ...
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dangerous supplements

Dangerous Supplements: How to Keep Yours Safe

Updated November, 2019 Many Americans naively pop vitamin and mineral ...
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fish oil for dogs

Fish Oil for Dogs: Good For Furry Friends Too!

As a practicing dietitian/nutritionist, I recommend fish oil to my ...
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How to Buy Vitamin Supplements: Be a Savvy Consumer

We are a pill popping society, and we know it. ...
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b12 for weight loss

B12 for Weight Loss: Is this Bunk/Junk Science?

Last evening the topic in my college nutrition class was vitamins. ...
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Making Weight Loss a Reality: 5 Surefire Simple Steps

Perhaps you started off the year with the best intentions, ...
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weight loss will power

Willpower for Weight Loss? Not the Best Strategy

Many of us think that it’s necessary to have willpower ...
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ice cream calories

Ice Cream Calories: 6 Tips to Lighten Up

Ice cream is a special summer treat. For many, summer ...
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Lose Weight, No Diet Required: Just Take These Steps

If you just can’t take another popular weight loss diet ...
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pediatric cancer moms

Pediatric Cancer Moms: The Most Amazing Moms I Know

I joined the pediatric cancer club in 2016 as the ...
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winter weight

Weight in Winter: 5 Tips to Halt a Gain

Do you worry about weight gain in winter? As frigid ...
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Without Wheat: Blueberry Streusel Teff Muffins

I decided to finally try using the teff flour I ...
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healthy spinach dip

Healthy Spinach Dip: A Appetizer With Less Calories

The merry holidays have arrived, bringing with them plenty of ...
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alcohol drink calories

Alcohol Drink Calories: Here’s How to Choose Wisely

The festive month of December has arrived. Along with extra ...
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100 calorie snacks

Low Calorie Snacks: 60 Simple 100 Calorie Choices

The holidays have arrived. You don’t want to gain ten ...
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healthy eating in 2020

Healthy Eating in 2020: See How Easy It Is!

The new year is here. Maybe a new you? As ...
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kale non salad recipes

Kale Recipes: 3 Non-Salad Ways to Eat This Superfood

Everyone is talking about kale, right? But why? And what ...
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Getting Rid of Gas: 10 Easy Eating Tips to Help

Feeling a bit too gassy, smelly, and embarrassed? Gas complaints ...
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drinking water and flouride

Drinking Water and Fluoride: Healthy for All?

For most of my life I never really thought much ...
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food sensitivities

My Food Sensitivities: A Dietitian’s Personal Perspective

When I was 40 years old, I became very ill-so ...
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coping with pet loss

Coping With Pet Loss: Try Walking to Ease Pain

Grief is what we feel at loss. The loss of ...
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foods for working out

Foods for Working Out: How to Fuel Up Properly

In the wake of America’s growing waistline, fitness trends have ...
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can dietitians write prescriptions

Can Dietitians Write Prescriptions? Sort Of!

When I started out in college, I began as a ...
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vitamin D how to get enough

Enough Vitamin D: A Dietary Challenge

Why is it so important? A large percentage of people ...
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foods for osteoporosis

Strong Bones: 5 Novel Foods for Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis: a silent stalker Osteoporosis is a public health problem ...
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keto diet healthy or harmful

Keto Diet: Healthy or Harmful? Depends Who You Ask!

We all know the keto diet is the rage, but ...
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color of food

Color of Food: Hidden Secrets to Health?

The color of food you eat is a factor in ...
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pediatric brain cancer research funds

All for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research: Chicago Marathon

Pediatric brain cancer research funds are the goal of one ...
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oats healthy

Oats: The Good and Bad

Oats, including oatmeal, can dish up some serious health benefits. ...
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magnesium for health

Magnesium for Health: Are You Getting Enough?

Magnesium has widespread implications for our health. It can relieve ...
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potassium and COVID-19

Potassium Food Sources and COVID-19

It’s been my experience as a practicing dietitian that most ...
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how to boost immunity

How to Boost Your Immune System in 6 Steps

I just returned from a lovely oceanfront vacation. When I ...
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potassium how to get enough

Potassium Food Sources: A Dietary Challenge

Updated 7/20 If you are concerned about healthy eating, you ...
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healthy college eating

Healthy College Eating: Tips From a New Grad

Written by Tess O’Brien and Edited by Sue Rose, MS, ...
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diet high in fiber

A Diet High in Fiber: A Solution for Many Health Problems

Fiber does a lot for your health. If you are ...
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How to Lose Weight By Thinking Differently!

Did you ever stop to consider that your thinking process ...
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lower calorie thanksgiving meal

5 Tips for a Lower Calorie Thanksgiving Meal!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, here are 5 simple ideas ...
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pressure cooker chicken soup

Pressure Cooker Chicken Soup: Yummy & Good For You

Homemade chicken soup made in my favorite Cuisinart electric pressure ...
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Turkey Croquettes: A Great Comfort Food Recipe

Those turkey scraps that don’t fit nicely on a serving ...
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buckwheat muffins

Without Wheat: Buckwheat Flour Muffins

Buckwheat flour muffins with chocolate chips Personally, I REALLY enjoy ...
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easter egg safety

10 Easter Egg Safety Tips: Keep Your Eggs Safe to Eat

Easter egg safety during the holidays The egg hunt is ...
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keep grilled food safe

Keep Your Grilled Food Safe at the Plate

With Memorial Day around the corner, grills will be fired ...
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healthy BBQ

BBQ: How to Make it Healthy and Pull Off Like a Pro!

We are finally in full summer swing. Of course, this ...
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green tea health

“Great” Green Tea: What’s in it for Your Health?

Green tea is probably the one beverage I can think ...
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Baked Beef Stew: A Perfect “Halloween” One Pot Meal

This one pot beef baked stew was always fondly referred ...
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healthy thanksgiving foods

Healthy Thanksgiving Food: Low Calorie and Delicious

The big turkey day is nearly here and many cooks ...
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chrongic fatigue

Chronic Fatigue: 4 Diet and Lifestyle Tips to Tackle

It goes by many names: chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), systemic ...
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what to eat for chocolate fix

The Chocolate Fix: 8 Low Calorie Ideas

Most people love chocolate. And, most people occasionally have chocolate ...
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Vitamin Supplements for Seniors

While daily use of multi-nutrient supplements has fallen out of ...
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how to age well

How to Age Well: 5 Tips to Make it Happen

So, do you want to look your age? This topic ...
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CoQ10: Do You Need This Supplement?

I’ve never been a big pill pusher in my practice. ...
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Foods for Eye Health: How to Eat to Preserve Vision

Oh, the aging process! It comes with so many challenges ...
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health benefits of beer

7 Health Benefits of Beer: Happy Father’s Day

I know a lot of special fathers. And, almost all ...
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My Diet Matters

Eating in a Pandemic: How to Manage Healthy Eating

Oh, the overwhelming stress and anxiety that we are dealing ...
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