7 Health Benefits of Beer: Happy Father’s Day

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I know a lot of special fathers. And, almost all of those special fathers enjoy a good beer! From a nutritional standpoint, modest beer consumption can offer some health and nutritional perks. The operative word is “modest.” We all know the downside of too much beer. That “Santa Claus” look, known as central obesity, is a common result of drinking too much alcohol and moving too little. We also know this “look” as the beer belly! The good news is that an occasional beer or two is not going to have this negative impact on your body and health. In fact, beer offers some health benefits, and when consumed in moderation, it can be considered a healthy beverage!

7 health benefits of beer

Beer health benefits
  1. It can actually decrease blood pressure if consumed in small amounts.
  2. Beer also contributes B vitamins to the diet because beer is made from hops and yeast, both of which provide various B vitamins.
  3. Beer has a relatively high silicon content. Researchers have noted that dietary silicon intake in men aged 30-87 years of age was correlated with higher bone density.
  4. It is a modest source of selenium (an antioxidant), calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients are important for strong bones.
  5. Beer can be a source of antioxidants. In fact, the darker the beer, the more antioxidants! Antioxidants protect the body from heart disease and cancer, as well as other diseases related to aging.
  6. It can thin the blood, thereby decreasing the potential for blood clotting which could lead to heart attack or stroke.
  7. Because beer is so high in water, beer consumption may lessen the risk of kidney stones.

Specialty beers for medical concerns

For those needing a beer with a lower calorie or carbohydrate content, those specialty beers are available as well. These beers might be more appropriate than standard beer products for diabetics or those watching their weight. Going gluten free? Gluten free beers are readily available as well. Even going totally alcohol free works in the current beer market. For those that can’t tolerate alcohol or need to abstain from alcohol, there are tasty alcohol free beers available.

Take away

Beer can be a healthy beverage when consumed responsibly and in modest amounts. It offers key nutrients for bone strength as well as disease fighting antioxidants. Beer has the ability to aid in clot prevention, so it may also prevent blood clots which can cause stroke or heart disease. And, due to the high water content, it may also aid in reducing kidney stones for those who are predisposed to this condition.

Cheers to dad.

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