Satisfries, new BK skinny fries

I am starting my semester this week teaching nutrition classes.  In this morning’s class, I was commenting on advertising driving our food choices and I then recalled the BK commercial I heard yesterday.  It touted a new fry, which is called Satisfries (most clever name), and I also commented to my class that I probably had not actually set foot in a BK for about 20 years!  I asked if anyone had tried the new fries, and no one had yet!  I thought, I will! 055

So, this afternoon between classes, I went to Burger King.  At my local BK, the product had only been out since yesterday.  The nutrition information was not available on the preprinted nutrition sheets, and limited info seems to be available online.

The sign advertising the Satisfries noted the calories of the Satisfries vs. standard fries as roughly150 calories vs. 226 calories respectively.  I am unclear on the size BK is citing these values for because even a small regular fry on the nutrition info provided by BK assigns 340 calories to a small fry.  Is there a serving size at BK less than a “small”?

The fat content is noted as being 40% less than the standard fry along with the 30% difference in overall calories.  What I do not know is any of the other nutrition information since that seems to be unavailable to the consumer at the moment.

I seldom eat French fries.  If someone offers me a fry, I will eat it, however, so I do know what a fry tastes like!  With that stated, my take on these fries was that they tasted fine.  No, not greasy like regular fries and they were salty (which is why I wish I knew the sodium content).  The photo shows that indeed there is a touch of grease on these fries, and while I could get very little concrete information from the person filling in as manager at my BK, the corporate website notes a coating on the fry which inhibits some of the fat absorption, hence the lower fat and calorie content.  I did detect a slight off flavor, but could not tell you if I would have detected the same off taste in their regular fries since I do not usually order fries at a fast food restaurant.  We all have different taste buds, so what I detect might be undetectable by the next person.

Will this help fight obesity? Probably not, but I am happy to see an attempt to make a classic fast food option more agreeable to those slightly more health conscious people who may be forced to hit a fast food chain due to travel or unforeseen circumstances.  It is nice to have a choice, so I give BK credit for that.  I hope to see more specific nutrition information in the near future.

To recap, the fries (small) cost me $2.19 and yield 150 calories and claim to have 40% less fat.  Sodium and saturated fat information seems unavailable to date so I will look forward to more nutrition information becoming available if this product survives the test drive phase of marketing.